Brassall Clinic Fire

Tuesday 13th August our Brassall Clinic had an unfortunate event where our main switch board went up in smoke. Thankfully we evacuated both the doctors and dental clinic patients and staff quickly and safely to our assembly area. The emergency services arrived quickly and the Fire Service put out the fire very quickly.

Over the past few weeks, there have been many tradesmen here working hard to get us back up and running. We have power again on our side which has been a huge help with re-sterilising instruments. All surgeries are being gutted and revamped as all of our chairs have to be replaced due to the damage the ash and soot would have caused the electricals.

We now have 3 functioning rooms back to normal, a sterilising room, lab and reception ready to open as normal on Monday 23rd of September.

We would like to thank all of our patients for their flexibility and understanding as we have been getting our Clinic back to normal.