Dentistry and Sport

Orange mouthguard near opened case on the wooden texture and black background

  Your teeth are some of your most precious possessions, and they can be vulnerable when you're out on the sporting field. That's why dentists have developed many different kinds of mouthguards that are encouraged for use in a variety of different sporting pursuits. Additionally, dentists can help with missing and chipped teeth, and a variety of other issues that might eventuate from a contact sport. Read on to find out more about the link between dentistry and sport.   Which Sports Require a Mouthguard? For sports like Rugby League and Boxing, a mouthguard is an absolute necessity. If there's a chance you'll cop a knock to the jaw, it's imperative that you get a mouthguard fitted.   What Is...

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Going Overseas for Dental Work

Girl frightened by dentists covers her mouth

  Going overseas can be a wonderful experience for the whole family. A trip to Bali or Thailand is a fantastic opportunity to experience a different culture, see beautiful sights, and soak up the sun. You can even save yourself some money by purchasing cheap clothes, sunglasses and food. However, each year some Australians head overseas to get surgeries and dental work. They think that, by having a procedure carried out in a foreign country where there aren't as many regulations, they can get the same result and save money. Sadly, all too often, people end up getting what they pay for. Botched procedures can result in irreversible damage, and when something as important as your teeth are at stake,...

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Brassall Clinic Fire

Tuesday 13th August our Brassall Clinic had an unfortunate event where our main switch board went up in smoke. Thankfully we evacuated both the doctors and dental clinic patients and staff quickly and safely to our assembly area. The emergency services arrived quickly and the Fire Service put out the fire very quickly. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="6466,6471,6470,6469,6468,6467"] Over the past few weeks, there have been many tradesmen here working hard to get us back up and running. We have power again on our side which has been a huge help with re-sterilising instruments. All surgeries are being gutted and revamped as all of our chairs have to be replaced due to the damage the ash and soot would have caused...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Braces

Mouth with braces

  At Ipswich Family Dental, we've helped countless people with teeth straightening. With over sixty years of shared clinical experience, it's safe to say we know a thing or two about braces! Here are just a few facts for beginners about the present, past, and future of braces.   The History of Braces Historians and archaeologists have established that people have been trying to straighten teeth since the dawn of history. A number of mummified remains show signs of orthodontic work, and way back in ancient Greece, Hippocrates and Aristotle philosophised as to ways that teeth might be straightened. Then, throughout the Enlightenment, scientific discoveries allowed for breakthroughs that would eventuate in modern braces. Contemporary orthodontics are dated back to...

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How Children Should Look After Their Teeth

kid boy brushing teeth

  Children's dental health is important. Parents need to start teaching healthy habits to their children from an early age. If a child is raised in a health-conscious environment and learns to pay attention to things like a balanced diet and exercise, there's a better chance that they'll keep up a healthy lifestyle long after they leave home. It is especially important to consider dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing are habits that, when learned in childhood, will serve a person well throughout their entire lives. However, getting a little one to be enthusiastic about mouth care is easier said than done! Here are just a few of the ways you can get your child to start looking after their teeth....

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The Pros and Cons of Teeth Straightening

Woman's smile with clear dental braces on teeth

  There are a few different options for people looking to get their teeth straightened and it can be hard to decide between them. In the past, the choice was fairly easy; if you wanted to get your teeth straightened, you had to get braces. Nowadays, though, many people are opting for Invisalign. But is that the best course of action for you? Don't be anxious – we can help. Here at Ipswich Family Dental, we're experts in both braces and Invisalign, so we can give you all the information and help you to make a qualified decision. Here are a few of the pros and cons of each method to help you make up your mind.   The Pros...

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Is Your Child Scared of the Dentist?

Little girl sits in the dentist's office

  When you're a child, dentist surgeries can be scary places. It's understandable, especially when you consider how often the old 'scary dentist' trope pops up in movies and TV shows. But at Ipswich Family Dental clinic, there's nothing to fear! We are absolutely committed to creating a child-friendly environment. To help make life easier for you and your little ones, we do everything possible to make going to the dentist a comfortable experience for children. Here are just a few of the ways we go about making kids and their families feel at ease, and improving children's dental health. Positive Experiences from the Very First Check Up For many kids, dentist's offices are frightening. But people don't start out...

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The Anatomy of an Adult Mouth

Patient with dentist in a dental treatment

It’s probably been a few years since you were sitting in class learning about the human mouth. In fact, very few of us will know the anatomy and functions of our own teeth as adults. It can be useful to understand the basics of what’s going on in there to help you realise when something needs a bit of attention. One of the many reasons why Ipswich Family Dental Practice are a clinic you can trust is the fact that all of our staff are happy to have a chat, provide you with valuable information, and help you gain a better understanding of your oral health. We’ll give you a basic introduction to the inner workings of your adult mouth;...

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Why Do We Straighten Our Teeth?

Woman with healthy straight white teeth

Straight teeth are a common part of looking your best. They’re seen as a beautiful characteristic in human beings, so a lot of us strive to get our teeth as straight as possible. But what are the health benefits of a straighter smile? Why do we and our dentists care so much? We’re here to discuss why a straighter smile is a happier smile.   The Benefits of a Straighter Smile Straight teeth look amazing, but they can also have numerous benefits on our overall oral health.   Healthy Gums Gum disease is awful to deal with, and when your teeth aren’t close enough together or are too overly crowded, inflammation occurs. When you find a treatment that helps to...

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Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Young woman suffering from toothache

The idea of getting your wisdom teeth removed is one a lot of people have to face. There are a number of complications that can come with having your wisdom teeth grow, and getting them removed is a process that a lot of adults have to go through. It can be tricky to know when to consider getting your wisdom teeth removed, and if you even should. Is it a necessary part of adulthood, or are there times when you can just let them be? Ipswich Family Dental Practice has all the answers for you. If you're considering wisdom tooth removal, you can read more about our services here.   What Does the Process Involve? If you don’t know what...

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